Driftwood Tealight Holder – Drifted Ashore



“I grew up with my family in Silverton in the ’60s and developed a love for the beach and what Mother Nature deposited daily along her shores.  One of my favorite songs by Neil Young starts with the line ‘There is a town in North Ontario.’  15 years ago, I met my wife, a Canadian lady, and I moved to North Ontario where she lived, and found my version of the town Neil was describing in ‘Helpless.”  It was so beautiful and serene that it opened up an artistic side of me that I always knew I had.  These pieces, made of driftwood, shells, and whatever else I found along the Jersey Shore, were born.  I combined my love of the beach and the beauty of North Ontario into a ‘retirement business’ which I called Drifted Ashore.  Thanks Neil.” – Rick Miller


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