14″ Tube with Inline Barrel Perc and Ice Pinch – Holistic


  • 14″ Holistic inline barrel perc and flat perc.
  • Ice pinch.
  • Tube.
  • 14” in height
  • 18mm female joint
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Holistic Glass designs hand-blown glass that will change your smoking experience. Their products are available in every size and shape, with colors ranging from deep black to translucent green.

Holistic Glass’s proprietary glass making works to make strong glass as light as possible. Also, their proprietary color blending style allows for actual colored glass as opposed to cheaper, painted competitors. Their clean blowing process ensures smooth glass. As a result, the glass is consistently vibrant in color. The smooth glass also makes for easy cleaning and resists resin buildup.

It’ truly a unique company.


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